The Order Process

On Demand Courier

Your representative would contact USA Couriers via phone, email, and webticket or fax requesting messenger service and would then provide the specific details of the job including time, place, reference number, and the specific delivery information. A messenger would then be dispatched according to the job requirements. Our couriers all carry phones or radios, many with GPS - so we can stay in touch with them every step of the way.

Scheduled Courier Runs

Upon the provisioning of stops and requirements, USAC would provide designated primary and secondary couriers to complete the route per your needs. The couriers are trained and licensed to the work; training includes biohazard, hazmat, HIPAA, etc...

USAC's postal services include obtaining receipts for those mailings in which require proof of mailing – such as legal documents, federally required audits and reports.

First Flight Out – The Epitome of Speed

We serve over 100 major markets in all 50 states; in addition we work with charter and commercial airlines - so your package is there when you need it to be. Our planes depart up to 5 hours later than commercial flights and major overnight air couriers AND arrive at least 2 hours earlier than anyone else. Our services offer the latest pick-up times and earliest delivery times in the industry. We routinely transport highly important cargo such as medical specimens, Museum pieces, Operating Room supplies, telecommunications repair parts, computers, paychecks, media tapes for our customers on time-critical schedules.

To request door-to-door service, call us at least 90 minutes prior to pick up – for locations further away from airports, please call as soon as you know when the package will be ready. USAC will need the size and weight of the package, as well as to know its contents. Dangerous Goods must be properly packaged & labeled in accordance to all laws and regulations and a Declaration of Dangerous Goods needs to be completed on the appropriate paper.

Please note: The Transportation Security Administration monitors and regulates all air cargo.
Please see the First Flight Out® page for further information.

On Board Courier

Need for security combined with need for speed? On-board couriers allow a continous chain of custody.

Charter Air Cargo Flights

Unparalleled flight options - customized to your specific needs. Air cargo flights can be arranged for one-way or round trip flights for any volume and weight of cargo you need to transport. Providing more options for transporting your freight quickly and safely – often moving cargo that commercial airlines are unable to fly.

Our charter air cargo flights are arranged with the security, safety and speed in mind, including pickup & delivery services nationwide and in the US territories. You select the aircraft by flight time, capacity and  timing preferences. Just one call and we will respond with a generous amount of options.

"Overnight Guys" Retrieval & Delivery

In the event that a shipment sent via Overnight Carrier is misrouted or not delivered and upon provision of the way bill number and station location, USAC will dispatch a courier to retrieve the shipment and deliver it to the recipient. Please note: you would need to arrange for the release of the package through the Overnight Carriers Customer Service. Occasionally you may be required by them to fax a release authorizing the release of the package to the station. For this to run smoothly, USAC also needs the station hours and the expected time for the package to be returned to the station. Please notify USAC the moment you know this service is needed.


USAC is a licensed broker, so in the event we don’t have the "right" vehicle on hand, we can obtain one from the network of truck drivers we work with, seamlessly integrating them to insure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.