Air Charter & On-Board Couriers

USAC has access to hundreds of planes available to be chartered on a moments notice. When our customers need to transport urgent cargo due to deadlines, production stoppages, or cargo that simply can not fly on commercial airlines and time is of the essence - We provide all services required, ranging from aircraft selection, ground transportation, pick up and delivery.

Charter flights provides you with flexibility in time, speed and readiness. There are several factors that will need to be considered when selecting a plane: the type and amount of cargo you need moved, the destination, how much time you have to have the cargo delivered, and budget. When considering a charter, our customer service representatives will carefully collect the information, then call you back with up to three flight options based upon the speed of the flight.
The weight of your shipment will tell us what size aircraft you'll need and your location will indicate the required range

How fast you need to get there? Flight times vary widely, but a rough speed estimate for propeller planes is about 200 mph/322kmh, while jets fly at something closer to 500 mph/805kmh. Also, time must be given for the crew and plane to get into place.

On-Board Couriers

On-board couriers are the solution to a variety of needs. They offer:
  • Consistent chain of custody.
  • Options for packages over 1 pound (yet still able to fit on board and clear all security screenings)
  • Highly personalized service.
  • The on-board courier picks the package up from you, takes the first available flight to your destination, then delivers it.
  • All our on-board couriers have undergone background checks and careful screening.