Local Same Day Delivery

Local Courier Delivery Service offer same day delivery of letters, small packages, and heavyweight shipments within a Metropolitan City Area. The service coverage can be anyplace located in the Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Offering time-definite pickups and deliveries and can be customized to meet any company’s specific needs.
Local Courier Delivery Services offer:

  • Choice and flexibility with multiple couriers in different cities;
  • Rush service with immediate same day delivery, usually within 60 minutes;
  • Standard service with same day delivery within hours;
  • Routed service where shipments are picked up and delivered;
  • Handling and delivery of extra weight shipments up to the weight handled commercially;
  • Waiting or loading time where the driver will wait for the shipment or wait to deliver at the  destination;
  • Increased insurance available over the minimum $100;
  • Saturday, Sunday & holiday pickup and delivery.
  • Unified detailed invoicing.

Trucking may require a longer lead time - depending on the size and type of truck needed, and the time is takes to get the trucker in place. We will need to know the contents and approximate weight. For more information please refer to TRUCKING.

When calling, we need to know the following information:

Your name and phone number
Your Company Name
Exact name and address of the pick up location
Pick up Location Contact Person and phone
Exact point of delivery - name, address and phone
Any Special Instructions and the contacts


Our First Flight Out service provides access to the next flight out of an airport near the pick up point. We serve every metropolitan area in all 50 states, flying your package where you need it to be on the next flight out. Ideal for everything: bids, medical, media equipment parts, and more. Our couriers will then retrieve your package from the plane and drive it directly on the delivery point.

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