On-Demand / Scheduled - You Define the service you need

Scheduled and Routed Delivery

USAC specializes in serving companies that require pick-up and delivery of urgent materials on a routine basis. USAC has the technology and experience to provide superior, dependable service every day and for every route.

USA Couriers provides dedicated drivers and trained back up drivers to every route The couriers are dependable professionals who have cleared background screenings and are dedicated to completing your delivery quickly and securely.
In addition, we offer the highest level of professional customer support, backed by state-of-the-art technology. Whether placing orders on the phone or online with our online order entry, tracking and reporting tool - customers expect and receive immediate delivery of their same-day orders.

Client Service Representatives that really provide Customer Service

Your ideal delivery solution – our scheduled and routed services are customized to fit your exact needs – giving you a competitive edge in today’s economy. Every person in the USA Courier team is committed to getting your package delivered fast and making your company look good.

Regardless of the size, origin or destination, when you need a competitive scheduled service you can rely upon, call 800-450-4USA.

Scheduled Deliveries Include

  • Bank runs
  • Inter-office deliveries
  • Medical samples and supplies, specimens, tissue
  • Mail transport & mail forwarding
  • Data tapes, court documents, media
  • Distribution

Call today and speak with one of our sales team. 800-450-4USA or email csr@usacouriers.com

On-Demand Delivery

We offer nationwide solutions to all types of local deliveries, so whether you are a small business sending an envelope to the bank or a large corporation with multiple offices across the country, our local service will meet the needs of each location individually and still keep your invoicing and vendor management simplified.

With 4500 couriers nationwide, we can pick up from your client office and ship to you - wherever you may be.

Our local couriers are always in contact with the dispatchers via radio, phone and GPS. Delivery signatures are entered upon delivery -either electronically or by radio. You can receive an email instantly upon delivery, or a phone call - whichever you prefer.

On demand couriers provide the following services and more:

  • Legal: Court Docket Time Stamping, Registry of Deeds delivery
  • Postal pick up and delivery – including signature service.
  • Bank Runs : Deposits, Currency Exchange, Interoffice Communications
  • Scheduled Deliveries and Customized Routes
  • Medical Records and Laboratory Transport
  • Vans and trucks available for bigger items
  • Scheduled routes between medical offices, banks and government offices to name a few. Dedicated couriers perform typically work the same routes daily – giving your clients consistent and personalized service.
  • Rush service with immediate same day delivery, usually within 30 minutes;
  • Standard service with same day delivery within hours;
  • Routed service where shipments are picked up and delivered;
  • Handling and delivery of extra weight shipments up to the weight handled commercially;
  • Waiting or loading time where the driver will wait for the shipment or wait to deliver at the  destination;
  • Increased insurance available over the minimum $100;
  • Saturday, Sunday and Holiday pickup and delivery.