Servers,computers, hard rives, disks and tapes

Safe, secure and trusted service ensures quick delivery of your data and hardware.

USAC's Computer Industry Courier Services include:

  • Overnight and weekend transport of servers is the time window requested - for minimal impact on the day to day processes of business.
  • On-board couriers to hand carry hard drives, disks and tapes to the storage or backup location.
  • Air Freight of palletized hardware between locations.
  • Retrieval of computers and peripherals from former employee's residence and forwarding to corporate location.
  • Long and short haul trucking of entire server racks - securely strapping and blanketing them before the vehicle moves.
  • Deployment of Point of Sale devices/rollouts to retail locations.

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When corporations move, set up back up data sites, open new fields of operations - unique data sets get shared. How that transfer of information and hardware occurs effects operations at every level. USAC has a unique set of couriers trained to provide safe, discreet delivery service to your clients or your workgroups. With every type of courier available (on-board, car, van, truck, plane), your electronic parts, servers, tapes and hard drives can arrive safely and within the time perimeters you need.

In addition, we have a specialized group of couriers capable of installing point of sale devices and running preliminary tests, along with complete asset management services.

Please review the forms of service offered, and note that all services can be customized to fit your unique delivery service needs.