Customized Solutions

Increasing your sales volume and customer satisfaction is the goal - regardless if its an internal or external client. Define the results and we'll work backwards with you to create the ideal solution.

We have developed customized delivery solutions for the following industries:

  • Telecommunication
  • Laboratory
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Entertainment Media
  • Goverment
  • Retail

Examples of Reverse Engineering:

Intelligent Implementation - A Fortune 500 company needed thousands thin clients installed at 1700 locations, located over nearly 1000 square miles, within 90 days. The project included cross country trucking, warehousing, inventory control, troubleshooting and deployment...and completed within 75 days. Another job saw nearly double the installations in 19 days.

Commerce Booster Shot - A small chain of stores had a problem - how could they increase their sales to those who never entered their store? They brought in USAC and together developed a plan that brings the purchases to the client and finishes the sale at the client's doorstep. This business now does over $50 Million in sales anually.

Keeping Tabs on the Money - A mortgage bank had problems with people running off with the money, working together a plan was developed that kept the mortgage bank's interest safe and still provided their clients with excellent service.

Security and Medical Records - Multiple insurance giants trust USAC to move medical records for entire states across the country - whether by an on-board couriers delivering totes of records or a dedicated flight and/or driver moving the records across country. USAC works with your compiance issues to courier the cargo on a same day secure manner.

These are just a few examples of developing a successful solution that is customized to fit the desired outcome. Tell us your goal and together we'll build the solution for your company.

USAC is the anywhere, anytime, anything delivery solution for those who need something transported locally or long distance fast - from a human heart to an airplane.