Medical & Biological Courier

In the balance between health and illness, USAC puts time on your side. Real time Solutions for Life.

Everyday we move medication, surgical supplies and associated materials. We understand the meaning of rush and the life and death balance many patients and their medical providers find themselves in.

USAC offers a variety of services to medical & pharmaceutical professionals.

Medical & Biological Delivery Services Offered:

Our Bioscience Specialties Include:

  • Clinical Trials
  • Tissue
  • Blood and Tooth banking
  • Diagnostic and laboratory Services
  • Medical equipment warehousing and delivery Regardless if you need us to go from hospital to hospital, doctors office to Operating Room - we have done it and will do it quickly. Just let us the know the situation and we will provide the service. Warehousing includes holding your vital parts at strategic locations throughout the country – so regardless of weather or distance, we can get the part where you need it.
  • Organ Transplant – Please see our Lifeguard services
  • Medical record transfer: All of our couriers are familiar with HIPPA Regulations, so your medical records are safe.
  • Medication – Whether from pharmacy to patient or Pharmaceutical company to patient, we work with specialty labs as well as large companies.

In the realm of life and death, our Team understands that there is no margin of error and they are committed to delivering on time, anytime. Our nationwide network of couriers provides door to door service, following your exact delivery instructions while maintaining the patient’s privacy. WISP statement available.

Medical & Biological Courier Service options include:

  • Dedicated daily couriers for hospital and laboratory specimens.
  • On-demand lab specimen pickup
  • First Flight Out™ air service – First available flight
  • "Lifeguard" Flight Status – for delay free take off and landing.
  • Charter Fights – for times when there are simply no other options.
  • Prescription pick up and delivery nationwide
  • Temperature Controlled Coolers
  • Select Agents transported across the country

Anything. Anytime. Anywhere

Insurance & Medical Record Transport

Transportation of unique records, such as medical, insurance and driving records are under constant scrutiny as identity theft issues are rising. Transferring the data between sites needs to be done, and USA Couriers offers four levels of service – Security levels are valued in accordance to our current clients' security matrix.

Service Type Description
First Flight Out Door to door service. Commercial Airlines maybe utilized. Shipments travel of Articles of Extreme Value and receive special handling by the airlines.
USAC Chain of Control Remaining within USAC's chain of custody,  typically the package changes hands from the pick up courier, pilot, delivery courier.
On-Board Courier A high security option: Special on-board couriers pick your package up and fly with it – in their possession* – then deliver it to the recipient location. All pieces are manually inspected by the TSA, *heavier packages may be placed in the belly of the plane per TSA/Airline demand. Pieces are NOT x rayed.
Dedicated Driver Perhaps the highest level of security is offered via a dedicated badged driver picks up the package delivers it, via ground, to anywhere in the country. Any size and weight can be moved via ground. All containers are locked securely.

Select Agents and Category A Substances

CDL & HazMat Endorsed drivers are available nationwide for these special packages. Working strongly with the airlines and drivers, we are able to move the substances safely and according to plan. Our Security Plan has been approved by the US Department of Transportation and the CDC. Prices are fair.

FedEx/UPS Retrieval:

For those times when the overnight package can't be delivered, a simple phone call dispatches a courier to retrieve the package and deliver it to the correct address or correct person. Simply let us know which overnight depot has it, what the tracking number is and where you need it to be. You will also need to notify the overnight company that we are retrieving the package.


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