First Flight OutR

Same day package delivery nationwide.

When you need it far away fast, First Flight Out® reduces transit time by placing your package on the next flight out. When you call, we calculate the time it takes to pick up your package and travel to the airport, all the while we examine possible flight options and delivery options. With approximately 30,000 commercial flights per day, and another 2,200 cargo flights, we can select the best match for your air cargo quickly. Add in charter aircraft and 4,500 couriers and your options become nearly limitless –with typical cross country delivery from California to New York taking less than 8 hours.

First Flight Out is door-to-door service, anywhere within the United States, Puerto Rico and US Territories. This option is ideal for packages weighing up to 90* pounds, for heavier packages express flight guaranteed freight options do exists.

Federal Laws and Regulations are followed, insuring safety for passengers and crew. This may limit what flights are available to you until we establish you as a Known Shipper per the Transportation Security Administration.

*Some airlines will accept heavier packages on designated flights.

Please note: Hazardous Materials and Household Belongings are best served by utilizing our overnight or charter services as they may not be accepted by commercial airlines for transport. We recommend contacting your local airport for the transit of animals.

Notice to Our Customers

We are accepting shipments for air and ground delivery. Due to current TSA directives, we can only accept packages for our First Flight Out air service from Known Shippers that have been visited by us since October 1st (Account Holders and Preferred Customers). Existing Known Shippers need only call the customer service at 1-800-450-4USA to schedule their site visit.

Any customer can easily apply to become a or simply utilize our extensive nationwide courier network for same day and next day ground deliveries. To become a Known Shipper simply return a signed, original Preferred Customer form to us at the address shown on the form.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as our airline partners and USA Couriers comply with TSA security directives to ensure the safety of our air transportation system.