Rescue Logistics


Pharmaceutical Shipping or LTL Carrier failure, USA Couriers provides fast, secure, and even refrigerated intervention to save the shipment. Secure handling, transport and delivery of your vital medicines.  Rescue Logistics can save your cold chain medical & your Point of Sale equipment just as quickly as the shipping company can hand us the shipment.

How does it work?

Regardless of what needs saving, once supplied with a tracking or PRO number, we dispatch the appropriate pharmacy courier to rescue the product, store and deliver it to the final recipient as scheduled. We can even schedule it. If it needs refrigeration our team will ensure it refrigerated or temp checked. We recommend your shipment carry a data logger or temperature gauge so our team can ensure the temps remain just how you need it. We call it Rescue Logistics.

Biologics & Pharmaceuticals & Cold Chain Logistics :

Specialty Pharmacy Parcel Care Solutions

Health Insurance Requirements = Proof of Delivery

Perishable & Temperature Sensitive Medication Delivery

Health Insurance requires the shipment to have a signature to deliver, and no one was home or the delivery address wrong? Once notified that the package is returning to UPS or FedEx facilities, our rescue logistics team dispatches rescue couriers to retrieve the package. Pharmacy couriers refrigerate the package or keep it at room temp if required until the patient/doctor is reached to schedule delivery time – any time of day or night.

Pharmacy Replacement of Medication

Specialty Pharmacy Rescue and Parcel Care

Perhaps the medicine miss the FedEx or UPS cutoff and now there is a patient in dire need of the medication. If your firm locates it’s replacement in a pharmacy, our reliable couriers will swiftly pick up the replacement medicine and deliver it directly to the patient. Temperature excursions are likely this summer as temperatures are expected to be higher than normal this summer.

The customer service department will keep you updated, or you can track shipments to see they are safely onboard or delivered online.

LTL or Truckload Rescue Recovery Logistics

Rescue logistics secures your freight.

               Exception: Delayed Arrival of Goods

The dreaded EXCEPTION  has a solution. With the PRO number and freight release for re-consignment to Will Call, our rescue logistics team will get the right vehicle to pick up your freight and get it delivered to the work site or business, wherever it is. We can even monitor your shipments and discover exceptions faster so you have time to rebound before the deadline.We provide vans, trucking, charter flights – whatever it takes to get your freight delivered. Reliable delivery of goods with a high level of customer service including white glove handling.