Convention Exhibit Booths & Displays

USA Couriers specializes in trade show shipping and exhibition booth logistics to move your materials and products to trade shows and conventions on time and safely. We’ll move it to the next show or back to your offices – shipping to anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Canada. So while you focus on marketing, sales and perfecting your presentation, we’ll handle delivering your booth, banners and displays to the show. 

Total Service Defined, Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. 

Our team of Customer Service Professionals and dynamic Dispatchers put you first, that translates into a commitment to your shipment being delivered on time. We will use the most appropriate shipping means available to meet your deadlines and watch your bottom dollar. We offer First Flight Out™, LTL, air ride dry van, cargo vans and various other vehicles to get your convention booth delivered safely.  

The process of exhibit logistics looks a bit like this: 

  • Moving your products and displays legally, safely and quickly through the US and Canadian customs and into an exhibition loading dock.
  • We’ll assist you on the best shipping method, proper case markings, documentation and all other crucial information necessary to ensure trouble-free movement of cargo. This service includes arranging any needed customs bonds, paying the air carrier’s destination charges & completing all necessary documentation. Plus arranging customs examination and clearance, transporting goods to exhibit site and serving as a liaison to ensure delivery to the booth.
  • At the conclusion of the trade show we return the booth and exhibits to you – or ship them onto the next show.  While we don’t provide packing, we do provide the know how to assist you in getting it done. 

What you need to know prior to shipping:

Making the right transportation decisions for your display and materials will not only save you time and money, but also aggravation and frustration.

  1. Plan – The more time you have to plan, the better able you are to organize the best transportation options for your specific needs. Your four main choices are common carrier, van line, air freight or courier service. Leaving transportation to the last minute will reduce your options and raise your costs.
  2. Service That Will Meet Your Deadlines – To determine your right transportation option, consider the following:
    •The packaging needs of the shipment and the care level required
    •The origin and destination of the shipment
    •The amount of time set aside for transportation
    •Pick-up and delivery requirements.
  3. Do Your Homework – Select a carrier that has a dedicated exhibition services, 24-hour tracking capability and drivers who have experience delivering to show sites. Find out what procedures they take for support before, during and after the move.
  4. Insure Shipments – There are several insurance options available for your exhibit: corporate insurance policies, common carrier or van line insurance, and extended liability coverage. Ask what insurance coverage is available for individual shipments, and what their procedure is for taking care of damage claims. Every reputable carrier is insured against loss or delay. Check for specifics. Ask about reimbursements for loss and specific guarantees concerning inclement weather or natural disasters.
  5. Package Your Exhibit Correctly – There are protective cases available for exhibit pieces. Regardless of how you ship the display, it pays to have it “armored”. While blanket wrap may work for a courier, it is dangerous to trust it in a truck because things do shift during transportation no matter how carefully it is loaded. You have invested in a booth, invest it keeping it pristine.
  6. Label Correctly – Label every box, carton or crate with the show name and booth number you are shipping even if you are creating a pallet of boxes. Make sure all shipping labels are securely attached on top of old labels. Black out any old bar codes that may still show. Take pre-printed labels with the return address to replace in-bound ones.
Service Options
Common Carriers

Common carriers are less expensive and it is easy to check with them on your shipment's location.  The disadvantages of common carriers are that they often make several transfers (which increases the possibility of shipment damage and misrouting), the load may not be able to tolerate normal road shock (not good for sensitive equipment such as electronics), common carriers only accept crated material. Depending upon the carrier, your packages may go through sorting machines and must withstand 40’ falls from conveyor belt to conveyor belt. In this case it pays to have a very good case to protect your display. 

Courier service is the quickest means of transportation to show site for last minute details. 

Van Lines/Exhibition Specialist

Van lines / Exhibition Specialist offer more specialized and personalized point-to-point service. They are equipped to handle crated or blanket-wrapped pieces, the same driver loads and unloads shipments, and trucks operate with "air-ride" (extra cushioning) which is necessary if your shipment includes electronics or fragile items. The disadvantage of exhibition freight companies is they can be more expensive 

Charter Flights

Charter Flights: Dedicated flight ensures your display travels door to door in minimal time. The flight arrives at the nearest airport (typically not the biggest), items are handled carefully to a courier who then completes the delivery. Very secure, private and most of all, fast. Often times your team can travel on the flight as well at no additional cost. The disadvantage of chartering a plane is the cost. This is the most expensive transport option available. 

Air Freight

Air freight offers the quickest means of transportation to show sites, even as fast as same day.
The disadvantages of air freight are size restrictions, baggage handlers and machinery & possible missed connections. 

Dedicated Drivers

Dedicated Drivers: Keep in mind all of the above, with the exception of Common Carriers, come with the option of dedicated drivers. While most commonly found in courier services, almost all of the above can be obtained with a dedicated driver or team (depending on how far and how fast you need it). Dedicated drivers increase the security of your shipments transport and lessons the likelihood of loss or damage.  A drawback is the expense. 
When all is said and done, USA Couriers frequently uses a blend of the above services, especially if there is time for the exhibit or display to be transported. We believe in providing dedicated assistance throughout the entire process to get your convention exhibit or trade show display delivered successfully.