Charter Flight

USA Couriers works with thousands of pilots nationwide to find the right plane for your needs. We offer choices in flight times, speeds and sizes. 

Our Charter Flight team is always available for shippers and passengers. The team actively listens to you in order to create the best set of choices. Then our determined agents represent our customers each step of the way to provide seamless door to door service and moves everything, from people to cargo while offering the highest level of security for shipments. Chartering a jet is the solution when you need to fly on your timeline – without airline schedules & airport delays. Our planes typically use smaller airports with less traffic and are often located closer to the pickup site and final destination.  

For People: Executive or Group Charters 

Jet to Helicopter – private, fast and precise service in everything from an executive airline to a 747. Ground transportation arranged in advance to smooth the transition from air to ground. 

For Cargo: 

Oversized freight or an envelope, charter planes provide options that include: 

Time Savings: Chartering a plane saves hours. Fast take off and direct flights – flights that actually land near the destination, not hours away. 

High Security: When Chain of Custody is key or the shipment contains items of high value, air charter service reduces handling.

Three Sets of Hands: One courier picks up the item(s) and delivers it directly to the captain. Another courier greets the plane upon arrival and takes the package directly to the recipient.

One Set of Hands: If the client wants to further reduce handling, the courier who picks up the package can accompany the package on the flight and deliver it to the recipient. 

Space Options: Commercial airlines are turning more and more to small regional jets – this limits the maximum acceptable size cargo can be and weigh. Charter planes come in variety of sizes and are dedicated to the cargo onboard. Our team finds the planes with doors that open large enough to fit the freight.  

Hazmat Transport: As long as IATA says it can fly, our pilots will take it. Paint, fixatives – when you need it now and traditional shipping isn’t an option. 

On Board Couriers

On Board Couriers (OBC) while being the most secure and fastest way to move everything from thumb drives to boxes of parts or product, they also offer the personal & professional touch to the delivery. Here is a rundown of what the typical USA Couriers On Board Courier does in time critical deliveries:

On Board Courier, the fastest logistic solution in the world, without the charter plane

Our couriers typically meet the shipper at the pick-up point. Items are all securely packaged by the shipper prior to the couriers arrival. Depending on the shipment details, the item is placed in a backpack, suitcase or taken as is in the case of larger items. The courier will check the packaging and alert the customer to any irregularities. In general, boxes/envelopes must be completely sealed and taped shut.  Items going into the cargo hold must be able to withstand handling by the airlines as well as having items placed on top on the box.

Benefits: Speed, Security, Careful Handling, Real time status updates from the courier & Dispatchers.

If the courier is moving multiple large items, the courier will arrive at the airport 3-4 hours in advance of the flight to check in. Items are weighed and excess baggage and weight fees paid. This can be a time taking job as oversized packages must then be taken to another counter that is built for such items. Sometimes the ticket counter must call and get approval for the excess “luggage”. (This is really to make sure they are charging enough if you ask me). For high valued items and electronic data storage items (that can be damaged by x-ray) the courier requests the TSA inspection and accompanies the shipment during inspection.

When an OBC accompanies the package(s) on a charter flight, you are guaranteed complete privacy and security of the shipment. These flights take off on your time. Cargo is quickly loaded according to your specifications. Upon international landing, the OBC clears customs and delivers the air cargo directly to the recipient – and as most flights land closer to the destination than commercial planes, delivery time is further expedited.

When the courier is carrying a small item that is under 25 pounds, the OBC maintains personal custody of it during the entire flight . Placing it either under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Either with or without the shipment in the main cabin, the courier clears the security checkpoint and gets onto the plane with everyone else. In some cases the courier must pay duty fees for the cargo, although we make every attempt to have everything taken care of prior to the flights arrival to avoid possible delays.

Upon arrival and depending upon distance to be traveled, the courier either picks up the arranged rental car/van or utilizes the local taxi or Uber service. The courier then drives to the delivery point directly. USA Couriers use GPS to find the delivery location and are sure to keep both the shipper & recipient updated. Upon delivery the shipper is notified. Depending on the unique needs of the job, the courier may verify receiver’s identity and photograph the exchange.

What does an on board courier do?