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Three Situations When a Same-Day Courier Service Saves the Day

When you must get something somewhere in a hurry, a same-day courier service helps. With a same-day courier, a transaction can be completed on time, or a deposit can be paid before a deadline. Here are three times when a courier can save the day when they deliver an item or parcel for you in a rush.

Five Essential Advantages of Using a Reputable Delivery Service

Tens of millions of packages are sent each day by major couriers. Some of these go to residents while others are sent to corporations or even medical facilities. You may have to trust these couriers with special documents and even human organs. Whatever your need, a reputable delivery service can do the job. That said, here are some key benefits of using one of these companies.

Blood Money vs. Living Wage+

Courier Industry Delivery trends is reducing the couriers earnings.

Artificial Knees and Courier Drivers

What are the risks of sending out the receptionist to pick up or send the mail, or having sales send someone to make a delivery? How can it impact your company and your bottom line.

On Board Couriers (OBC) – What Do They Really Do & How it Works

Since this self explanatory article was published, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves from other on board couriers. We proactively communicate with with customs brokers and government entities before the courier arrives – saving precious time and courier angst. We prepay fees and even meet the courier at customs if the occasion calls for it. So, this not reflective of all OBC companies, just a window at our On Board Courier process.

Fraud and Attempts to Stop It

Everyday credit card numbers are stolen and used fraudulently. We attempt to stop fraud in it’s tracks – attempt is the right word. While we may be able to identify a “fishy” transaction, getting the card companies to listen when we call in suspicious activity is another matter all together.

Door to Door & Self Driving Vehicles

The nagging questions about how a robot can manage all the realities of this world.

Delivering to more places, everyday

USA Couriers delivery footprint.

Weather Warning: Xtra Hard Rain

We are the two footed type of courier, with eyes and ears that can detect issues as they may arise. They are a target for sling shots…

Why We Do This + A Great Story

In this industry we hear all sorts of stories from people in all sorts of difficulties. This is my favorite story, a love story in the truest sense – may they all be well and live an even longer life.