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With a strong network of Biological Substance trained, Hazmat endorsed CDL drivers – we can pick up your Category A and either fly or drive it to the receiving laboratory.

USA Couriers is CDC and DOT vetted and approved.

We maintain a solid Security Plan for every shipment – to ensure the safety of the transport. Our drivers all complete rigorous training – so they are ready should something go wrong. All couriers carry a Spill Kit with additional absorbent material (Red Z) and sterilization cloths.

In order to place a shipment, the Shippers Declaration of Dangerous Goods is required. Once that is available to our team the transportation plan is created. We expect all packages to be packed, labeled and sealed according to the correct packaging instructions and all laws and regulations.

After providing the driver’s ID for your verification, the courier will secure the shipment in the vehicle. At all times the doors are locked. Ideally, the driver delivers the package directly. In cases where there is extensive distance to travel, should the driver reach their Hours of Service threshold, they will take the package with them into the hotel room. At no time is the package left outside of eyesight. The driver will deliver it to the address noted on the Shippers Declaration and obtain the signature of the recipient. That information is immediately transmitted to USA Couriers and you are notified within minutes.

Select Agent FAQs

Shipper’s Declaration Form Guidance

Shipper’s Declaration Instructions & Form

Package Marking: Shipper Responsibility

Package must show proper shipping name; hazard identification number; and name and address of shipper or consignee. Markings must be durable; in English; printed or affixed to packaging; and in contrasting color, un-obscured and away from other markings; Responsible Official name and 24 hour phone.

Labels: Shipper Responsibility

Labels must be securely secured to package near proper shipping name and un-obscured and away from any other markings. Labels must represent the hazard class of the product being shipped. Multiple labels are required in special cases including “Toxic by Inhalation”. No labels are required for “Limited Quantity” shipments except Class 6.