Media: Sound, Action, Uniforms, Hot Air Balloons

She left her costume under the hotel bed in the last city. His airplane needed artwork sealant before the premiere. They needed payroll at the remote filming site. The concert balloon developed a severe hole and another needed to be flown in.  The reels/media needed to get to the production house via land and air. New costumes needed to be delivered before show time.

Your creative genius safely delivered.

Regardless of whether you are a Hollywood production company or a talented hopeful, a sports team or advertising agency – important, one-of-a kind deliveries receive White Glove treatment. Likewise, it’s door to door service. Challenging production location and delivery windows are quickly evaluated, consequently, the best plan and mode of transportation available is selected via Land,  Air or Charter

  • DVD’s  & CD’s
  • Movie Reels
  • Video Tapes
  • Banners
  • Tickets
  • Costumes
  • Musical Instruments
  • Golf Clubs
  • Team Uniforms
  • Ad Fixative for Airplanes
  • Balloon Features
  • Promotional Fixtures

Delivery Process

USA Couriers’ messengers are available via smartphone and are GPS locatable within 5′ of their actual location. The messengers are trained, courteous and safety conscious. Proof of delivery is obtained upon media delivery and you get instant confirmation sent to your email. Bar code labels and scanning available.

Service Options
Dedicated daily couriers

•On ground and in the air
•On-demand and routed pickup.

First Flight Out

•First available flight

Charter Flights

•For times when there are simply no other options.