Couriers Keeping It Cool – The Cold Chain Box

Specialty Pharmacy Parcel Care supports your efforts to put the patient first by insuring their medications remains the right temperature.



Cold Chain Box Pharmacy Delivery

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Specialty pharmacies are concerned about the cold chain boxes. The biggest temperature spikes occur during delivery and Summer 2019 is expected to be above normal temperatures in the Western US, Southwest, Texas and Alaska – as well is the Northeast according to NOAA. The US Food and Drug Administration requires that refrigerated biologics be stored and transported within 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F) – unless a medicine is deemed stable at other temperature ranges. Our Pharmacy Couriers want to keep your pharmaceuticals safe in the cold chain final mile.

In a study by Okeke, C.C. & Bailey, L.C. & Medwick, T & Grady, L.T.. (1997). Temperature fluctuations during mail order shipment of pharmaceutical articles using mean kinetic temperature approach. 23. 4155-4182. The objective of this study was to determine, during one summer, the extent of temperature and humidity variations to which drugs moving through mail-order distribution may be subjected. In order to record temperatures and humidities experienced by packages during mail-order distribution, indicator-assisted temperature and humidity monitoring devices were packaged and shipped to different parts of the country. Upon .return of the packages, the mean kinetic temperature (MKT) was calculated. Results of the study show that only 8.4% of the packages experienced temperature variations within the excursions allowable under the USP definition of controlled room temperature. The remaining packages were exposed to temperatures above the accepted excursion range. Results obtained also show that, while 65.5% of the packages experienced warm (30° to 40°) conditions during shipment, the remaining 26.1% experienced excessive heat (above 40°) conditions.  © 1997 The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

This study sent dummy packages with embedded temperature sensors to 32 states. They learned that more than one in four mail-order prescription deliveries in the US was likely to be exposed to excessive heat while en route to the consumer.

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Getting these parcels to the patient can be difficult as insurance companies require signatures and sometimes the patient isn’t home to receive the package. Efficacy of pharmaceuticals is important, we may be discussing life or death. USA Couriers has over 32 years experience in rescuing the cold chain box from FedEx & UPS. The Pharmacy Couriers hold them in temperature controlled environments (refrigeration or room temp) until the patient is contacted and delivery scheduled. Keeping the patient first, we deliver according to their schedule. Our team of cold chain Customer Service representatives will set up the delivery with the patient. Proof of delivery is reported back to the Specialty Pharmacy.

32 years of Experience Providing Specialty Pharmacy Courier Solutions

Since 1987 we’ve either retrieved the package or picked up a replacement dose from a designated pharmacy and delivered straight to the patient. Our network of over 4,500 couriers & Customer Service team is at your disposal. We are the courier the other Specialty Pharmacy companies turn to for parcels to be rescued, so call us and get even faster service without the middleman.