Social Distancing Means We Are Working Harder & Safer for You

Essential Services for Responsive Package Delivery in the times COVID-19

It’s the big elephant in the room. As a nation we are strong enough to withstand it.Package Delivery Response by couriers is an Essential Social Distancing Solution for your needs. We have taken the CDC Precautions to heart. They are used by every driver to keep everyone healthy. Additionally, we delivery medical shipments nationwide that include blood, pathogens for vaccines, specimens and devices to medical institutions. Below are the responsive delivery steps we are taking as an Essential Service provider.


USA Couriers carry cleaning and sanitizing products in their vehicles. Between every delivery and pick up, they are responsibly following the CDC Guidelines. Plus, sanitizing their cars & trucks.


Every day couriers are screened for COVID-19 symptoms. Weekly we request they complete the CDC Self-Checker for Certification of Health. No one with a cough, fever over 100.4 or difficulty breathing can work.


The unfortunate awareness that if one courier tests positive, an entire team may need to self isolate if not immunized. Before the immunizations were an option, offices could have to close for the 14 days. When this happens, we adapt, pulling couriers in from other area’s – hopefully nearby. There is also the fact that there are fewer couriers. We have seen many close close their doors – choosing retirement, sickness, death. It has been a tragic time for everyone.

Clean hands open to picking up packages germ free

Social Distancing

At each step of the delivery process human contact is avoided. Our couriers let you know they are present, will pick up the item and deliver it to a location (desk, outside door). The courier will ask for the consignee’s name and enter it into our Proof of Delivery system. Photos may also me taken of delivery site.

USA Couriers is an Essential Business and Critical Infrastructure Service. Important to the supply chain infrastructure in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic per the US Declaration of National Emergency and State Executive Orders.

Essential Services for Responsive Package Delivery in the times COVID-19. Under applicable federal, state, county and local government COVID-19 emergency orders our couriers are providing services essential to maintain the nation’s supply chain. This includes providing delivery of essential products, supplies and services that are critical to the slow spread of COVID-19. The services provided by our delivery drivers are consistent with social distancing policies. Plus they comply with regulations set out by Public Health Regulators and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Our drivers are currently:

As an Essential Business engaged in the Transportation System Critical Infrastructure Sector, USA Couriers is doing its part to support federal, state and local public health regulators and the CDC during these particular times. Should you have any questions, please contact us from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.