Government Deliveries

USAC is a fully certified Small Business Enterprise and Woman Owned Business Enterprise& CCR/ORCA registered. - making it even easier to meet your required business initiatives. Plus, you get personalized and professional service for every package you need delivered. We accept government credit cards and maintain $5M of insurance.

With couriers in all 50 states and territories, we are able to move your shipment via air and ground - meeting your deadlines and commitments every day of the year.

This includes everything from mail runs, medical records transport, legal filings, and even an Air Force jet - customized to fit your requirements, a dedicated team of drivers, customer service representatives and dispatchers ensure every run is smooth, timely and thorough.USAC is eager to respond to your RFP’s.

  • Legal:  Court Docket Time Stamping, Registry of Deeds delivery
  • Postal pick up and delivery – including signature service.
  • Bank Runs : Deposits, Currency Exchange, Interoffice Communications
  • Scheduled Deliveries and Customized Routes
  • Medical Records and Laboratory Transport
  • Vans and trucks available for bigger items

Scheduled routes between medical offices, banks and government offices to name a few. Dedicated couriers perform the same routes daily – giving your clients consistent and personalized service.

  • Rush service with immediate same day delivery, usually within 30 minutes;
  • Standard service with same day delivery within hours;
  • Routed service where shipments are picked up and delivered;
  • Handling and delivery of extra weight shipments up to the weight handled commercially;
  • Waiting or loading time where the driver will wait for the shipment or wait to deliver at the destination;
  • Increased insurance available over the minimum $100;
  • Saturday and Sunday pickup and delivery.
  • Current Clients include the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, IRS, US Attorney General’s Office, Department of Education, Department of Health, etc…

Medical Deliveries

Includes medical record transfer, lab specimens, x-rays - all are treated with utmost care and privacy in mind. Our couriers are fully trained in HIPAA laws and procedures and Safe Handling of Biological Substance trained. WISP Statement available.

On Demand Ground Transport - Local and Long Distance

Same day, in town or cross country, we'll work with your team to ensure everything from an envelope to plane engine is delivered. Date stamping and filing services also available. Ideal for moving the "black box" freight quickly and with the minimum amount of information. Black box service is available to the United State Military only. When a package of any size or weight has to get to any destination by land as fast as possible, USA Couriers Dedicated Ground Expedited Service gets it there. Simply request a courier, and USA Couriers will pick up your package(s) immediately and deliver it nonstop to its destination.

Dedicated Ground Expedited Services include:

  • Point-to-point ground transportation - as fast as the law allows
  • Proactive shipment monitoring from pick up to delivery
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Pickup normally within 90 minutes of order
  • Shipment arrival confirmation via phone, fax, e-mail, EDI or cell phone/PDA

First Flight Out™ Same Day and Overnight Air Transport

Utilizing our own jets and commercial airlines, our First Flight Out™ service provides same day delivery nationwide.

Using our extensive network of couriers, planes and trucks, USAC can move your time critical air freight – whether you are responding to Just-in-Time Inventory requests, publishing delays, or document transfer requirements – there is a way to move your air cargo quickly and painlessly. We understand that cargo comes in all types of dimensions and quantities and that you need a company able to reach your marketplace – regardless of where in the United States it is.

Our service also transports air freight from the airport to destination, after your shipment clears customs and all break down fees paid, our trucks are available to retrieve your shipment from any air carrier and deliver it to your desired location. As a one call solution, we also offer warehousing and full asset deployment and log in – so your firm is covered from point of entry to your client’s location.

When you need it far away fast, First Flight Out® reduces transit time by placing your package on the next flight out. When you call, we calculate the time it takes to pick up your package and travel to the airport, all the while we examine possible flight options and delivery options. With approximately 30,000 commercial flights per day, and another 2,200 cargo flights, we can select the best match for your air cargo quickly. Add in charter aircraft and 4,500 couriers and your options become nearly limitless –with typical cross country delivery from California to New York taking less than 8 hours.

First Flight Out is door-to-door service, anywhere within the United States, Puerto Rico and US Territories. This option is ideal for packages weighing up to 90* pounds, for heavier packages express flight guaranteed freight options do exists.

Federal Laws and Regulations are followed, insuring safety for passengers and crew. This may limit what flights are available to you until we establish you as a Known Shipper per the Transportation Security Administration.

*Some airlines will accept heavier packages on designated flights.

Please note: Hazardous Materials and Household Belongings are best served by utilizing our overnight or charter services as they may not be accepted by commercial airlines for transport. We recommend contacting your local airport for the transit of animals.

Charter Air Services

When an item can't be flown on a commercial jet or handled as normal cargo, or when flight schedules don't meet your delivery requirements, USAC can provide charter service. Whenever possible we can provide plane/flight time options so you can choose the method that provides the service needed. Just call our customer service department at 800-450-4872.