Statewide Package Delivery

Dallas Courier Service Courier near me

USA Couriers goes big in the great state of Texas.  Same day Package delivery by professional couriers who consequently securely transport your most time sensitive packages throughout metro Dallas, including the surrounding all of Texas and beyond. Whether your item(s) need to deliver to Fort Worth or Houston, there is a Dallas courier to do it quickly. Definitively the answer to finding a “courier near me”.

USA Couriers delivers pharmaceuticals, mail, financial materials, final mile, medical specimens, AOG parts and paperwork. Furthermore, our dynamic customer service team, dispatchers and couriers are skilled professionals able to meet your deadlines time and again. Consider the amount of Dallas Couriers we have available to you 24 hours per day to meet your package delivery requirements.

USA Couriers have couriers in Dallas as well as Abilene, Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Beaumont, Beeville, Brownsville, College Station, Corpus Christi, Edinburg, El Paso, Galveston, Grapevine, Harlingen, Houston, Killeen, Temple, Laredo, Lubbock, McAllen, Midland, Odessa, Rowlett, San Angelo, San Antonio, Taft, Texarkana, Tyler, Waco, and Wichita Falls to name a few! You asked for as a courier near me – we know Texas like extra gravy knows fried chicken.

Long Distance Couriers

Similarly, with dedicated drivers who love to drive long distance, we can easily move items across the state and then beyond state lines. Via car, van, straight truck or semi, your cargo gets moved quickly and pain free. Including onboard couriers who travel internationally.

About Your Town

Yes, we have couriers locally. Able to transport your package to any office or home 24/7/365. Drivers are HIPAA trained, and many biological transportation trained. Medical specimens or records can be moved in complete confidentiality. All deliveries in reality are treated as if they are medical records – maintaining package integrity every step of the way. Mail and inter office communications move with the fluidity and timeliness.

First Flight Out™

USAC provides door to door service. The epitome of fast delivery, we will rush your part, surgical instrumentation or tissue sample the fastest possible. By land or by air it’ll get your business back in business. How does our service work? First, for the best possible service and in complete TSA compliance, we need to know exactly what you are shipping, the approximate weight and when it will be ready.

Secondly, the exact address of the pick up location as well as the delivery point. We will verify your shipping status, flight options and delivery times with you. Effectively, the couriers pick up within 90 minutes. 100% of air cargo is screened and therefore it will need to arrive at the airport a few hours prior to departure.

Dispatchers track the shipments status and flight status. Upon arrival at the destination our courier retrieve your shipment and deliver it. Similarly, charter flights are also available for when you need to fly on your time. Including every type of plane from twin propeller to 747.

Please note: we do not ship personal household goods due to government regulations on commercial airlines, nor do we ship live animals.

Freight/Trucking and LTL

With a network of 366 companies and ~ 4500 drivers – we have the vehicle you need to move air freight, cargo, truckloads and AOG parts. For that reason, drivers safety record and histories are verified and we monitor your load via GPS from pick up to delivery.

Customized Solutions

Specific delivery requirements? USA Couriers develops the ideal plan with you that fulfills your unique needs. USAC has the experience needed to complete final mile services, provide White Glove Service, complete statewide POS deployments and event services. Often, this service is outside of what you believe a courier is capable of, however, it works fantastically.

We work with government agencies, banks, telecommunication corporations and small business. Developing the right plan to make them successful and increase their sales.

In conclusion, USA Couriers has a solution designed for you.