We will accept just about anything in any form (this does not apply to Hazmat and Biological Matter). We do request that you package your item securely. For same day package delivery of fragile items, wrap them carefully to ensure their intact delivery. The couriers are careful, but their are bumps in the road. The dispatchers need to have an idea of size and weight of your package as well.


Please package your item in a strong cardboard box or secure bag. Use bubble wrap to secure the contents if fragile or delicate. Tape securely. If available, utilize colored shipping tape so your box stands out. Anything you can do to make your package easily identifiable is a plus.

For high valued or fragile items, we recommend “insurance packaging”. For intance, this can be a crate, shipping tote or double walled boxes (two boxes, one inside the other, very tight fit).

All Hazmat and Biological matter packaging must comply with all laws and regulations. As we will transport the items exactly as you provide them. We do supply Biohazard Transport bags for routes and routine delivery requests.

If USAC will be delivering your package to an overnight carrier, please instruct the shipper to package it in the appropriate shipping container or envelope and have them pre-address the waybill if possible, if not the courier will do it.


The 1 Pound Rule
If this applies to your air shipment, keep in mind that depending on your paper’s weight. Examples: 1 pound can be anywhere from 32 to 75 pieces of paper plus envelope. A VCR tape or 4-6 cd’s (in cases) equal one pound.

In general, you should pack you item in a secure envelope, box or shipping bag. DO NOT package paper in a small envelope. For instance, small envelopes get stuck in the airport machinery. The bigger the envelope, marked with bright color, will increase the visibility of your package and safety. If available, utilize colored shipping tape so your box stands out. Anything you can do to make your package easily identifiable is a plus. Utilize insurance packaging when needed as discussed above in ground transport.

Same Day Delivery Packaging Tips

For maximum flight options, individual box weights should not exceed 70lbs. Heavier packages will have fewer flight options.

Have your ID available for the courier to verify you identity. Please note: the package may be opened by the Transportation Security Administration and will be x-rayed. 100% of all commercial cargo is inspected.

LITHIUM Batteries

These batteries must be packaged in a box that the words LITHIUM BATTERIES

Sending Electronic Items
When sending computers and cell phones or other battery operated device, there is any risk that the device could overheat and cause a fire, batteries should be removed. If they are built into the item, they can remain. Example iphone is built in, Android batteries can be removed.
Regulatory Agencies
Lithium batteries are regulated by IATA, the International Air Transport Association. It is a global trade organization that develops commercial standards and publishes the Dangerous Goods Regulations, containing standards for the transport of dangerous goods by air.

Lithium Batteries boxes must be marked with the correct UN number and a CLASS 9 sticker.

UN3090 Lithium Metal Batteries
UN3091 Lithium Metal Batteries Contained in Equipment or Lithium Metal Batteries Packed with Equipment
UN3480 Lithium Ion Batteries
UN3481 Lithium Ion Batteries Contained in Equipment or Lithium Ion Batteries Packed with Equipment

Airbill Instructions
The Airbill will be completed at time of pickup by our personnel or agent.
Please write the name/address and contact phone number of the recipient on the outside of the box.