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SSI’s ExpenseEdge provides you with certified suppliers for all your needs, that includes nationwide package delivery services by air and ground. Anything. Anytime. Anywhere. We are proud to be selected as a Certified Supplier to serve you.

If you’re in need of fast delivery, that is the industry we serve. Everything from Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial, Information Technology, Final Mile to Media, Government and Manufacturing. We have delivered truckloads and tiny memory cards, passports, keys and laboratory specimens. Additionally, Final Mile and manufacturing necessities for the automotive industry , plus customs for famous singers and letters…

USA Couriers is the leader in same day delivery with over 30 years of experience delivering packages. Our company’s basic principles have provided a strong foundation from which we have grown.

Our founding practices:

“The primary responsibility of USA Couriers is to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients that promote business speed, accuracy and ease. At all times USA Couriers’ purpose is to serve the customer with speed, fairness, honesty and integrity.”

Getting your organization up and running takes a matter of minutes. Just complete an account application and we will see to the rest. Furthermore, with an account you can place & track your delivery requests and generate reports online anytime. You can also pay by credit card if you’re not ready to open an account. However, you need to inform us that you’re an ExpenseEdge partner.

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ExpenseEdge Solutions You Can Build Your Business On.

On-demand & Scheduled Deliveries

On-demand deliveries or scheduled routes are our foundation and something that every business has the need for. Call 800-450-4USA and within 90 minutes, the courier will have picked up and be in route to deliver. Additionally, it is door – to – door service with an automatic proof of delivery.


Financial and Bank Couriers deliver highly valuable documents and packages. As a result, selected couriers are fully vetted. Moreover, couriers deliver to the right locations, not to mention, into the right hands. Plus, we will perform ID checks if requested. Accordingly, these include delivery of deposits & inter-office communications to processing centers. Amongst other things, we perform pre-scheduled cash deliveries. Unarmed couriers are dressed in plain clothes to avoid drawing attention.


CAGE: 3HC17 Certifications: 8a, WBE, WOSB

Time sensitive shipments transported daily using our fleet of cars, vans, trucks, First Flight Out™ service, Charter Flights and On Board Couriers. Additionally, transparency and integrity reign within our secure Chain of Custody. Being the solution our government’s needs is important to us. Consequently, following laws for the CDC and DOT vetting & overall approval for the transport of Select Agents is important to us.

Rescue Logistics

Regardless of what needs saving, once supplied with a tracking or PRO number, we dispatch the appropriate courier to rescue the delivery. Moreover, we will store and deliver it to the final recipient as scheduled. We can even schedule it. Accordingly, if it needs refrigeration our team will ensure it refrigerated or temp checked. Furthermore, we recommend your shipment carry a data logger or temperature gauge so our team can ensure the temps remain just how you need it. We call it Rescue Logistics. Everything from temperature controlled medication to point of sale equipment – the correct vehicle and professional courier.